I Ask Rachael Where to Eat in Rome

When in Rome you must eat at Ristorante Roscioli and order the carbonara. Best in the city. Everything there is amazing. The truffle mortadella was awesome too. They also have a bakery that sells pizza during the day. Go get some. It’s awesome too. The restaurant is off of Via die Guibbonari and the bakery is a little further down in a side street. Pizzeria da Baffetto is also a must. Casual pizza place near the Pantheon, really fun, and awesome pizza that they make right in front of you. It’s really old school too. In Trastevere there is a great restaurant called Da Enzo for pasta and regional cooking. Cul de sac by the Piazza Navona is a great lunch spot as is Da Augusto in Trastevere. Both have outdoor seating too. My favorite markets were the one in Testaccio and the one in Palatine. The Palatine market being by far the best though! The restaurant I worked at is called Glass Hostaria. It’s progressive Italian cooking with really amazing food on Vicolo del Cinque in Trastevere and grab a cafe at the bar next door. Oh how I wish I was still there! Have fun and I can’t wait to catch up when you get back!

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