I Nostri Piatti

Italy in 30 Seconds Literary Barista Mary Ann McNiece talks about the evidence of lives well-lived.

At our house the plates are old.  Chipped and scratched, they show evidence of lives well-lived. These gifts given to Mamma on the occasion of her wedding have served us for about 60 years. Taking one off the shelf tonight as we prepared for dinner, I noticed what looked like some dried food, and decided it needed washing.  On closer inspection, I realized that it was a food stain, one of many that have accumulated over the years. If these plates could tell stories, they would have so much to say.

 What family gathering, birthday party, first communion, or visit from relatives caused this stain?  Did this chip result from too much excitement when our cousins came to eat? Viewed through the lens of family history, I can’t help but cherish these reminders of the happy occasions that have made my life so much richer. Unlike mine, some families are not in the habit of opening their homes to share food, wine and good will with others they love. Do they know what they are missing?  Only some of the best memories that life can offer.

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