Mary Ann

Italy in 30 Seconds Literary Barista Mary Ann McNiece talks about time well spent at the movies getting to know an Italy family.

How much time does it take to get to know someone? A day? A week? Two weeks? And what if you wanted to know the whole family? In only 6 hours you can spend 30 years with the Carati family. The movie, The Best of Youth, originally an Italian mini series, is a story of two brothers, their family, friends and many historic events that took place in Italy from the 1960’s into the 21st century. We follow Nicola and Matteo as they graduate from school and pursue their longtime dreams, fall in love, suffer disappointment, meet tragedies and find happiness.

I can’t think of a better crash course on Italian culture and events of that period than this film. If you don’t believe me check out Roger Ebert’s review. He says that a good film is never too long and this one is 6 hours but 6 hours deep. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Italy in 30 Seconds Literary Barista Mary Ann McNiece  spends time at the Italian table.

How do you say “table” in Italian? I though I knew the answer to this one: “”tavola”. Biu one night in Italian class my teacher said the word for table was “tavolo”. I asked why. She explained that “tavolo” refers to a piece of furniture and “tavola” is quite another thing. It refers to the enjoyment and pleasure experienced at the table when it is laden with the fruits of the earth and in the company of those we love. I find it quite beautiful that within the structure of the Italian language such a distinction is made between a material object and the state of mind that it evokes when it is put to good use.

4 comments on “Mary Ann

  1. This was a great review Mary Ann! Spending time with you and your family on and around New Years 2009 and watching The Best of Youth is one of my favorite holiday memories.

  2. Awesome blog, MA! Loved your explanation of tavola vs tavolo. I want to speak Italian, but will have to wait for my Rosetta Stone to magically appear someday!

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