Literary Baristas

Editor : Pamela Marasco

Pam is the founder and owner of the Cositutti Group, a travel and lifestyle resource for Italian food, wine, art and design. She travels extensively in Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria with her Italian family and friends sourcing regional Italian food for her online store and retail partners and experiencing all that Italy has to offer. With an undergraduate degree in the Biological sciences and a graduate degree in Education she is committed to farming practices and educational programs that ensure the true flavors of Italy are preserved and protected.  You can read more about her travels at and in her new book Seeing and Savoring Italy and experience authentic Italian food products at her online store


Eric Marasco

Eric’s got Italy covered. His great-grandmother was from the Northern Veneto and his great-grandfather was from the South in Calabria. Since 1999, Eric has been on an espresso high when he first visited his Italian cousins in Milano. He video pods about his taste travels in Italy and ways to bring Italy home. Eric lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.



Mary Ann McNiece

Mary Ann is the perfect espresso blend. She’s bright, bold, 100% Italian and very stimulating.  Reading about her thoughts on Italian culture and living will leave you wanting more. She’ll pour out some great suggestions for Italian films that you won’t want to miss. Mary Ann lives in Chicago, Illinois.




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