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Brew Time: used as one of the indicators of a good espresso shot; calculated from the time the pump switch is turned on until the moment the pump switch is turned off. The guideline for a properly brewed espresso is between 25 and 30 seconds.

espresso-shotItaly in 30 seconds is a written shot of espresso to jump start your day the Italian way. With typical Italian sprezzatura, we’ll pull a shot of insight and information on Italian culture and living with short 30 second segments (trust me I’ve timed them) to inform, excite and encourage you to experience Italy.We’re part of the Cositutti Group, a knowledgeable, passionate and forward thinking group of Italian lifestyle experts and Italian food entrepreneurs curating a collection of food products and handcrafted items from producers who are committed to preserving the culinary and cultural traditions of Italy. Be sure to meet our literary baristas and if you want to be a literary or video pod barista and express your taste for Italy let us know. Contact pmarasco @live.com.

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