3 comments on “Wine and Coffee – Weird and Wonderful

  1. I hadn’t heard about this.

    I do know that South Africa seems to have discovered a way to vint wine so that the characteristic creosote quality to its wine transformed into a strong coffee-like aroma, the Pinotage, 2010 from Boland Cellars (aka the “cappuccino pinotage”, or the “cappupino ccinotage” as is written on the label) being a case in point. The result is truly amazing.

    I’d be interested to try the Nottola Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.


    Paul Kalemkiarian
    President, Wine of the Month Club

    • Appreciate the comments and the information about the Boland South African. I have a friend who just got back from spending a month in South Africa and I’ll ask her if she knows of it. And yes, I’d be interested to get your thoughts on the Nottola. Hope to hear from you again. Best regards, Pam

  2. Thanks, Pam. Yeah, I wonder if she has heard of it. The winery has been operating in Paarl (in the Western Cape, about 37 miles northeast of Cape Town and north of Stellenbosch) for 6 decades, if that helps.

    I look forward to trying the Notolla. I’ll certainly let you know what I think, if I get the chance.



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