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A Seated Lion with the Crest of a Lily

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No it’s not the coat of arms of a rival Medici family but the symbol of the collaboration of two Italian brothers considered the progenitors of espresso machines in production today. The Officina Fratelli Bambi, a company founded in 1927 by Giuseppe Bambi  and his brother Bruno, would go on to develop and register the patent (1939) for a project that would lead to the making of the first espresso coffee machine with a horizontal boiler. This new lineal arrangement “linea” (group heads arranged in a line) made it possible to improve the output of espresso machines and simplify the barista’s task.

marzocco espresso machineThe brothers Bambi adopted Donatello’s “Marzocco” a seated lion with the crest of the Florentine Lily, a symbol of victory and triumph, and named their company La Marzocco. The iconic design of Linea espresso machines continues to be favored worldwide by baristas with the recent launch of La Strada. A barista’s dream machine, La Strada is designed with the technology to bring out the best of espresso blends. If you’re an espresso geek click here to see the stats that make this machine supreme. La Strada

Domestic espresso enthusiasts can bring Marzocco’s  lion and the lily home with the  GS/3 . Although the GS/3  may be significantly outside the current home market price range ($6,700.), for those of you who want to channel their inner barista and feel like a pro this machine just might do it.


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