Red is the Color of My True Love’s . . . espresso machine!

La Pavoni Cellini Maranello Espresso MachineRed coffee machines are one of the most popular and top selling home appliances bought on-line. The color red seems to make a fashion statement whether modern or retro. Like the red-painted cam covers on the Ferrari Testarossa , the color seems to represent a powerful piece of engineering.  La Pavoni, one of Italy’s oldest espresso machine manufactures, makes the Cellini Push Switch Red Maranello that looks like it could easily go from 0-60 in about 5 seconds.

The prominent dial and cone-shaped appeaBugatti Diva Espresso Machinerance of the Bugatti Diva Red Coffee Espresso Machine could easily start your engine every morning.

The Gaggia Colour Red (see gallery below) with the Pannarello turbo frothing attachment is advertised to “make a statement no matter where it’s located”.

Illy Frances Frances Espresso Machine

So appealing is Illy’s iconic Francis Francis Red iper Espresso that it has been raised to luxury status by none other than Forbes magazine.

Any just might make the perfect present for your espresso loving Valentine.







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